Hello and welcome.


My name is Heidi Sonboul and if you don't know it yet, I'm a die hard scrapbooker and crafter. When did it all begin? Well, when I was 6 years old, my talented mom thought “I should teach her how to sew”. I can remember us together at the dining room table, cutting out patterns to make Barbie clothes. I was hooked and soon all my little friends wanted me to make clothes for their dolls (which I sold at a reasonable price). As a teen I loved to paint. I had the best art teachers in school and they could see the light within me, craving to learn more. From the beginning I was a crafter and I dabbled in everything, but how did I become a scrapbooker?

One winter’s day, I was home super sick with my son Bradley. We both had a BAD case of bronchitis and to cheer me up, my bff decided to bring me a get well basket. The basket had all sorts of goodies, but there was one item that stood out the most. It was a scrapbook magazine and I was hooked! That night I decided to go online and I found a huge scrapbook community. For the first time in years I knew that this hobby was meant for me. I started to submit and got published. I worked hard and made many new friends. Somehow all the work never seemed like work and I learned so much.

After 9 wonderful years of scrapbooking I was given an opportunity to create my own book. I still don’t feel cool enough to have my own book, because I don’t think of myself as a “name” in this industry. I feel blessed for every corner I’ve turned that brought me here because I’m just a girl that loves paper & glue. As you look around my site, I hope you enjoy these ideas, that they inspire you to create something new, and that you will fall in love with crafting as I did.

~ H