A Clean Desk

It’s shocking how productive you can be in a pretty work space. It really is! This morning when I woke up and glanced over at my newly hung shelves and clean desk, I felt excited to work. Sure I still need to straighten out my scrapbook supplies, but being a few steps closer makes me tickled pink. 

Can you believe all my build up for the yellow desk and in the end I chickened out?! Yep I totally did. I loved the idea of having a yellow desk, but it just didn't feel right when all was said and done. I started to paint it yellow, but the white won and I'm happy it did. I guess I should mention that I do still have plans for the yellow and it will most likely freshen up our bed room dresser. I'll keep you posted but for now here is a peek at my progress in my 9-5 corner office.

Fassy Journey: Week 20

Okay let's get REAL! This week.... I almost fell off the wagon. Food cravings had me hanging....yes I said "HANGING" on by a pinky. Oh and because I was so busy with work, my workouts almost didn't take place. Yes I still worked out, but only had time to focus on 15 minutes daily. I guess I should also mention that I have been staying up WAY too late and not getting up on time. When you add all of these things up, it had me really nervous as I stood in front of the scale today. 

I weighed in and the scale said I am at 250.7 lbs, which means I lost (I don't know how!). I was shocked honestly. I did my best to be good and I still haven't eaten sugar, but the carbs... oh those carbs had be begging for mercy! That means this week I have lost 1.9 lbs and thank heavens for that! 

I know where the issues came from, because my work load pilled up and I never had a down moment. There was even a moment I caught myself eating out of emotion and not because I was hungry. I caught it and stopped myself, but was super upset that even with months of hard work that habit must still be watched. The busy workload had me putting myself last again and running low on energy. Why is it that we as women, can take care of everyone around us, but not ourselves?! This is so frustrating to me! No wonder why most women struggle with their weight. 

This weeks goals: Keep a food journal, Do Step Aerobics (45 minutes workout), focus on abs and arms for 20 minutes and GO TO BED ON TIME! 

Some Exciting News

On Aug 26th 2007 I decided to create a blog. The blog became a gallery, a journal, and a creative outlet. Over this last month I've been thinking a lot about my blog and wanting to make it better. If you've been following my last year and half you will know that it's been a little slow and for good reason. I was working on my signature series book, had a miscarriage, moved to the HB, started a new company called Chickaniddy Crafts, and finally got serious about losing weight (the Fassy Journey. I post about it every Monday). Needless to say I'm feeling great and my life is finally almost balanced. This new Heidi that I've been working really hard on is ready to celebrate 7 years of blogging and so I have some really fun news.

In Early October I will be relaunching my site with a new look. I will start back up my $2.00 classes, post and share many new fun scrapbook challenges, share my daily life's tips and tricks, giveaways, videos, and so much more! I will also be opening up a shop linked to my site. I'm excited about this new journey and hope you will join in on the fun. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I have an instagram account. It can be found here. I post there every few day and it's a good way to keep an update on my Fassy Journey and Chickaniddy news. Here are a few of the photos I took this month. 

my 130th workout

my 130th workout

Darling gift basket by Amanda Coleman using Chickaniddy Crafts

Darling gift basket by Amanda Coleman using Chickaniddy Crafts

My Newest Scrapbook Collection called Scrumptious is here!

My Newest Scrapbook Collection called Scrumptious is here!

One of my favorite things

One of my favorite things

I colored my hair and finally got glasses

I colored my hair and finally got glasses

A portiate of me by Calvin. I LOVE IT!

A portiate of me by Calvin. I LOVE IT!

Family outing. Best day ever!

Family outing. Best day ever!

Walked 9 miles and had the most beautiful view.

Walked 9 miles and had the most beautiful view.

Oh and one last thing before I go. The Chickaniddy Craft Team all is almost over. If you haven't applied, I hope you do. We are always on the lookout for new talent and we have some excited new things in . To learn more about the call GO HERE. Best of luck everyone!


Fassy Journey: Week 19

Somehow I got here and it amazes me. Am I really at week 19?! Am I really only 1 week away from week 20?! I guess keeping my focus has helped the time go by and today, when I stepped on the scale, it said I was at 252.6 lbs. I felt such a big burst of joy knowing that I'm almost out of the 250's. In 19 weeks I have bettered myself and I feel amazing. With this week's weigh-in, I lost another 3.4 lbs and the total weight loss is 56.4 lbs in 19 weeks! Oh my gosh you guys! I'm really doing it this time and I'm so proud of me.

I have to be honest though... this week was a hard one for me. Yes I have many new great habits, but it's almost as if my body is starting to resist my efforts and it's frustrating to me. Big time! I've been having a harder time getting to bed at 10. I have been really craving carbs. I find that we have had too many lazy summer days this week and I haven't been pushing myself in my workouts. Yes I lost 3.4 pounds so I must have been doing something right, but there is a fassy feeling inside of me that worries me. It's that feeling of "oh I can have these carbs, because I've been working so hard" or "I'll let myself have this cheat day and I'll be better tomorrow". These are sentences I know WAY TOO WELL and it's why I'm seeing a red flag. 

This whole week I've been chatting Mr. Sonboul's ear off, trying to find where it's all coming from and I think I've figured it out. There is something about hitting a goal that allows us to stop for a breather and taking that breather, in my opinion, is not a good thing. I reached my goal and felt amazing and within 1 week I let myself relax. It's almost as if I'm longing to be the thinner Heidi and still be able to eat as I please. Sure you can have yummy things and be healthy, but you can't eat whatever you want all the time and never gain weight. This makes me realize even more how MUCH I am emotionally attached to food. Here I am months into good habits and the honest truth is... the old fassy habits are just waiting for me to take a breath. 

I want these steps I've taken to be life changing. I want the thinner healthier Heidi to stop thinking about food. Just writing this makes me sad and that's not okay. I feel like food has tricked me into thinking it's my friend, but the real truth is it's fuel for my body and nothing more! There is nothing wrong with loving food, but attaching emotions to it is, and I've spent too many years allowing this. Too many years! I know that if I just keep evaluating myself, staying honest with my daily efforts and keep moving, this issue will slowly go away and I will one day respect fueling my body. Boy oh boy... it's amazing how I feel like I've come so far, but am only half way up the mountain. I know I can reach the top, it's going to really take me believing in myself to get me there! 

Thanks to pinterest I found this AWESOME sweat shirt. I've decided I must have one and I see a DIY coming soon. LOVE IT! When in doubt, work it out!

Yellow Desk: Part 2 Sanding For Hours!

I have sanded many pieces of furniture in the past.  Let me just tell you that, hands down, this one is a beast! Today I'm onto step two "sanding" and after sanding for 1 hour, I was only 1/2 way done with the TOP of the desk. This dark coat on the desk is taking FOREVER to get through and I'm so grateful my darling buddy Autie let me borrow her electric sander. Anytime I sand something I know it's going to make a big dusty mess and me being lazy and not wanting to take apart the desk, I'm sanding it in our bedroom. So you can only guess how this project is coming along. 

The more I sand away, the more I find myself feeling more and more nervous with this decision, but me being an artist, I look forward to how it will look and feel confident in the yellow. Good thing this weekend is a down weekend.

Birthday Bash For Boys!

My kids kinda LOVE LEGOs! I get it... colorful little blocks that come together with imagination to make something amazing! Yes and yes! With this past school year coming to an end and their birthdays being so close, I convinced the boys they should combine their parties this year. Plus they both wanted the same theme and it just made sense. We came to this decision on a Saturday night over dinner and set a party date for the very next Saturday. We made the cutest invites (thanks to this blogger ) and handed them all out the next day. With such short notice I thought we might not get a good turnout. Boy was I wrong! Just about every kid RSVP’d and that meant we would have 26 kids in our apt! I better get the "Mom of the year award" for all this effort.

I'm pretty sure our amazing turnout was because we got a hold of the LEGO Movie before it’s release on DVD and the theme was pretty darn fun! Each kid got a LEGO movie ticket (image above) and theater money for snacks. When they showed up, Bradley and Calvin would punch their tickets and help them buy their movie snacks. The kids LOVED being able to buy what they wanted and our boys loved taking the money and handing out the treats. It was so much fun! I also can't forget to mention that my Mom and Dad came and made homemade popcorn and hot dogs. All of the kids were stuffed and we hardly spent any money.

IMG_4362 (Large).JPG

Somehow, magically, all the kids fit and everyone had a great time. When it came time for candles and wishes, I kept it simple and made these cupcakes. Each cupcake had a white chocolate LEGO guy (white as in type of chocolate, not as in color) that spelled out "Happy Birthday Bradley & Calvin". Hands down this was the fastest party I've ever put together and hands down the coolest! 

Fassy Journey: Week 18 & Month 4 Done!

Hello week 18 and hello 256 lbs. This week when I stepped on the scale it said I went up .9oz and I'm not going to lie... I was a little irritated! I was so good and did everything right this week, so I know it's not me and it must be my body balancing out my weight loss. Since I finished 4 months this week and I've accomplished my 50 lb weight loss goal in a shorter amount of time, losing 53 lbs in 4 months and not 5, it's time for a new goal!

With a new goal comes the push! My body has been so good to me and I want to keep the progress going. Here is the plan:

  1. Lost 50 lbs Aug-Dec
  2. Lose 10 lbs Each Month
  3. Mix Up My Workouts
  4. Slowly Bring Back In Sugar
  5. Start Running Again (About 10 years ago I ran daily and I want to bring it back)

August Workout Goals:

  1. Focus on Tummy and Arms - 50 Sit Ups & Arm Reps Daily
  2. Cardio Tape For 50 minutes Daily

September Workout & food Goals:

  1. Focus on Tummy, Arms & Legs - 100 Sit Ups, Arm Reps, Leg Reps Daily
  2. Cardio Tape For 50 minutes Daily
  3. Slowly Bring Back Sugar With 1 Sweet Treat A Week 

October Workout & Food Goals:

  1. Focus on Tummy, Arms & Legs - 200 Sit Ups, Arm Reps, Leg Reps
  2. Start Running 1 Mile Daily 
  3. Cardio Tape For 45 minutes Daily
  4. Slowly Bring Back Sugar With 2 Sweet Treats A Week and Hold Here To Dec.


  1. Focus on Tummy, Arms & Legs - 300 Sit Ups, Arm Reps, Leg Reps
  2. Start Running 2 Miles Daily 
  3. Cardio Tape For 40 minutes Daily


  1. Focus on Tummy & Arms - 200 Sit Ups, Arm Reps
  2. Start Running 3 Miles Daily 
  3. Cardio Tape For 30 minutes Daily

Seeing it all written out really helps me process what I need to do to reach the goal and helps keep me moving forward. It looks like a lot, but I'm sure by the the 1/2 way point I will love it. Actually, I know it's going to sound crazy, but my body is craving the workouts now and I find them fun. I think it's because I'm doing things I like and keep switching things up. I started doing step aerobics again and OH MY GOSH.... it's so hard to do, but I LOVE IT! Like I said in the past, I love a good sweat and I don't feel like the workout is over until I'm soaked! Here is to new goals and holding firm to them so my booty can be firm!

Next month I will do updated photos of how I look, so for now... here are my legs and the progress they've made :)

Next month I will do updated photos of how I look, so for now... here are my legs and the progress they've made :)

Let's Talk About Fashion

NOTHING FITS and I am now living non stop in my workout clothes. I'm not crying over losing weight, but  I don't want to spend money on new clothes that I might not fit into in 2 months. My body is drastically changing every day. My thighs are slimming and my stomach is flattening, which gives me joy to say. However, with that said I have become a frumpy person and I hate it! It also doesn't help that everyone keeps saying "WOW your clothes are so baggy". No lie! I hear this at least once a day. I guess I should admit that I've convinced myself that the fashion I'm rocking right now is a "healthy" look. Me and my zipper sweaters and black yoga pants. Here I come catwalk. NOT! 

For the last 8 years I have dressed a larger form and got very good at dressing my size.  Yes, I felt unhealthy, but I always felt girlie and that made me happy. These pictures are of me at 300 - 309 lbs and you can see how going from this to a non stop sweat wardrobe can be a really big let down. 

I started thinking about my style and I have come up with a name for it... bohemian preppy. I LOVE layers, COLOR, texture, sweaters, pants (slacks and jeans), flowy blouses and comfy shoes. The more I speak of these items, the more I realize that I never really fully dressed the way I wanted and it's for 2 reasons.

1. Big girl clothes cost an arm and a leg!

2. Larger clothing for Fassy gals lack color and almost everything has dark colors. YUCK!

I find myself giddy with excitement knowing that soon I will be able to embrace color, texture and pattern in a "Heidi style" way that makes my heart beat. Talk about great motivation, because these workout clothes just kill me everyday I have to wear them around town. Sure they have been good to me and are helping me get to my new goal, but dang I can't wait for this...

Mon-Sat looks

Mon-Sat looks

Sunday Style

Sunday Style

So how about you? What is your style? Do you agree about plus size fashion? I'm just wondering if I'm the only one.

Fassy Journey: Week 17

I still can't believe that I met my first goal to lose 50 lbs and am now onto the next. It's amazing what can come when using willpower and sticking strong to a goal. Today when I stepped onto the scale I was happy to see that I accomplished this month's goal and lost a total of 10.6 lbs! That means that I weighed in at 255.1 and lost 3.7 lbs for week 17! 

As of right now I feel beyond shocked knowing that once a upon a time a size 24 fit perfectly on me. On Sunday I decided to try on my old pants, which were so baggy and falling off of me. See what I mean?! So Baggy and it's crazy knowing that I wore them just 4 months ago!

Next week I will share my new goals for the next 5 months and how I will be mixing up my workout plans. Got to keep it fresh, so it stays fun! 

So for now... goodbye size 24W and Hello comfy 18!

My baby is 8!

It's amazing how fast hew grew up!


IMG_6799 (Large).JPG


  1. You make the cutest silly faces
  2. You are packed with personality!
  3. When you decided to do something, you won't let anything stand in your way.
  4. Your perfectionist side, because it's just like me.
  5. How loud you are :) Again... just like me.
  6. How loyal you are to me and always want to protect my feelings.
  7. You are amazingly creative and have tons of good ideas, all the time!
  8. You know what you want and have always known what you want out of life.... from the moment you were born and I LOVE this about you!