Fassy Journey: Week 24

By the end of next month, I might be bald! Yes I'm being dramatic, but my hair is still falling out! It has slowed down a little, but it's still falling out and I'm overly worried about it. I know taking the vitamins and increasing my calorie intake will help, but it's taking a little while to get into my system. Also for those that suggested it's my thyroid it's not. Thanks for reminding me to check it. I guess I should also mention that I don't have any bald patches, thank heavens! My hair just keeps falling out and I used to have really thick hair.

Since this hair issue has taken over my thoughts, this past week I decided to keep watching what I eat, workout for only 10 minutes each day, and basically slow down my fassy journey to help balance everything out. That way the vitamins can get a good start. Doing all this means that I didn't lose this week when I hopped on the scale, which I'm 100% fine with. The scale today said I was at 245lbs, which is great being that I'm just focusing on maintaining what I've lost. So far so good and long story short, I plan to spend the rest of this month being smart and maintaining my intake. In 2 more week I will start pushing again and focusing on losing lbs. DRAMA! 

Fassy Journey: Week 23

If you missed it, last week I shared that my hair is falling out and you can read about it here. Not wanting my hair to all fall out, this week I allowed myself to eat way more and I made sure to take my daily vitamin. Now normally extra food means weight gain, but guess what?! I lost again! This week when I stepped on the scale it said I was at 245.2! That means I lost 2.8 lbs and a total weight loss of 63.8 lbs in about 5 months. 

As of right now I am loving being a size 18 and even though they are SKIN TIGHT I can pull on a size 16 and zip them up. I'm guessing in about another 10-15lbs I'll be in them. OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS a size 16! It's kinda been a while, so I'm uber jazzed about this. 

Hair Update:  

  • it's still falling out! I will continue to take it easy for this next week.

If you are planning on losing a lot of weight, make sure to take your daily vitamins, add in a few extra calories every 3 days, drink lots of water and eat healthy fats like nuts and olive oil. It's so important and I understand that more than ever.

By the way. This is my water cup. I LOVE water! I drink about 6-8 of these every day. It is so good for your skin and a really great cleanser. You do not have to drink as much as me, but make sure you are having at least 6 glasses of water daily.   

Get Out Your Paint

When I think of September I get so happy. I love all the warm colors and blue sky it brings, so I decided to visit Pinterest for some color pinspiration. I looked up the word "fall", came across this photo, and I fell in love! There was something about the styling that hooked me and got me excited to scrap my photos of the boys heading back to school (photos from last year). I pulled out the supplies and, lucky me, I found papers and embellishments that match the vibe of the photo from my new Scrumptious collection. While pulling my supplies I came up with a fun and fast technique to add in a little more blue.

Technique Tips:

  1. Pick the color you love and put it into a bowl (to control the amount you want).
  2. Paint a large circle on a natural pattern paper cardstock and don't be afraid to be a little messy.
  3. Right now so many are using water colors, which I LOVE! For this project I decided to use use acrylic paint simply because the color is richer looking and I really wanted this color to pop!

It's super simple, but I love this technique! It allows me to add a color I might not have in paper and the cost is so small. It also allows me to get the right shade I need. Once I let the paint dry, I started to layer my papers. I personally LOVE pattern paper and always try to get in a lot of it. My trick is that I look for simple patterns that are all in the same color palette. Green stripe, green tags, green patterns.  Just remember that it can become too busy if you use a lot of busy color patterns. So look for 1 color and white. Notice my white polka-dot on yellow? Or my green and white stripe? The white allows for the colors to blend and not compete. To finish my look I added some stitching and a few embellishments. So the next time you can't find the right cardstock color, don't worry. Just get out your paint and I'm positive you will be pleased with the look.

PS head over to the Chickaniddy Blog today and see our giveaway. It's pretty Product Day!

My Heart & Soul

This summer has been so busy and at the same time filled with laughs and new memories. As our little family was winding down the season, Mr. Sonboul has noticed I kept saying "This is our last summer swim, so let's soak it up" or "This is our last summer beach day, so let's really enjoy it", only to find out that the next day we decided to visit the beach one more time before school comes-a-calling. I feel like summer flew by this year and from what I hear, it's a sign of getting older. With 33 getting ready to knock on my door this October, that must be why. 

Hands down, this last few months has been a balancing act of being a magical mama, who keeps a clean home, and a working woman who builds a new company. I feel like my secret to make it all work is that I've poured my heart and soul into everything I touch and somehow it all worked out. Somehow I made the time for business calls and fed lunch to the boys. Somehow I designed a few new papers, while kicking Calvin's butt at the Mario bros game.

I am grateful for this passing summer! I'm sad to see it go and yet at the same time excited to welcome fall. Funny how that works. Fingers crossed that I can pull off being a school room mom and working mom again. Hope you enjoy these pics of the boys. This year they will be in 5th and 2nd grade.     

Fassy Journey: Week 22 & 5 months Done!

Last week I broke the 250's and my heart was overflowing with joy and happiness. This week my body decided to gain 0.2 oz but since I'm 248 lbs that was actually okay. I have been working out SO hard and pushing all my muscles. Sure I went up 0.2 oz but I'm positive it's from muscle gain and that I added about 1-2 lbs of it from all the hard work. My legs are looking toned. My arms and abs are feeling stronger and I know it's from all the weights and squats I've been doing. So for this month I've lost 8 lbs. I was a little sad that I didn't get my 10 lb weight loss goal for the month, but it's okay. It's normal to see smaller numbers when you get closer to your goal and again I'm positive I gained muscle this week. 

Now on to my hair. Last week I mentioned that I wanted to chat about my hair. Umm... it's totally falling out! Years ago when I lost a lot of weight I had something like this happen and so I decided to Google "Can my hair fall out from losing weight" and this is what I found:

  • Dramatic weight loss

"Sudden weight loss is a form of physical trauma that can result in thinning hair. This could happen even if the weight loss  is ultimately good for you. It’s possible that the weight loss itself is stressing your body or that not eating right can result in vitamin or mineral deficiencies. What to do: "Sudden weight loss seems to shock the system and you’ll have a six-month period of hair loss and then it corrects itself,” says Hammonds".

Luckily I have thick hair! Not wanting to go bald I've come up with a plan that should help this issue, because being thinner and bald just isn't a great look for me. Kinda defeats me wanting to lose weight to look nice. Right?!  

  • This week I will allow myself to have a more fatty intake (nuts, oils, cheese)
  • I am going to take my calorie count up another 500 Calories, when normally I stay around 2000.
  • Start taking a daily vitamin
  • Skip my Sunday fast

I don't think these steps are going to fix the issue 100% but maybe it will help slow it down. I really want to get to 200 lbs and I'm hoping it won't cost me my hair. To help the issue I decided to cut my hair much shorter. Bummer right?! 

Running To Keep Up

So many fun changes are taking place this week and I feel like I'm running to keep up with it all. On Friday I am announcing the new Chickaniddy Crafts Team. The boys are having a BIG sleepover this weekend and HUGE water balloon fight to say goodbye to summer. The boys start school at the beginning of next week so we are getting ready for that. I'm trying to get our school schedule back on track so we can start school smoothly and all of our Chickaniddy shipments are in. All this weekend we will be packing orders and getting out our new collections to stores. 

Somehow among all of this non-stop going I finally found time to scrapbook. It's been way too long and I loved the process of it. I painted, sewed, and glued together a layout that I love. It was so nice taking a moment to do something for me. So nice! On Monday (over at the Chickaniddy blog) I will share the layout, but for now here is a sneak.  

Oh and I guess I should also mention that the boys and I went to track down this HUGE rubber duck. Umm! It was amazing! 

A Clean Desk

It’s shocking how productive you can be in a pretty work space. It really is! This morning when I woke up and glanced over at my newly hung shelves and clean desk, I felt excited to work. Sure I still need to straighten out my scrapbook supplies, but being a few steps closer makes me tickled pink. 

Can you believe all my build up for the yellow desk and in the end I chickened out?! Yep I totally did. I loved the idea of having a yellow desk, but it just didn't feel right when all was said and done. I started to paint it yellow, but the white won and I'm happy it did. I guess I should mention that I do still have plans for the yellow and it will most likely freshen up our bed room dresser. I'll keep you posted but for now here is a peek at my progress in my 9-5 corner office.

Fassy Journey: Week 20

Okay let's get REAL! This week.... I almost fell off the wagon. Food cravings had me hanging....yes I said "HANGING" on by a pinky. Oh and because I was so busy with work, my workouts almost didn't take place. Yes I still worked out, but only had time to focus on 15 minutes daily. I guess I should also mention that I have been staying up WAY too late and not getting up on time. When you add all of these things up, it had me really nervous as I stood in front of the scale today. 

I weighed in and the scale said I am at 250.7 lbs, which means I lost (I don't know how!). I was shocked honestly. I did my best to be good and I still haven't eaten sugar, but the carbs... oh those carbs had be begging for mercy! That means this week I have lost 1.9 lbs and thank heavens for that! 

I know where the issues came from, because my work load pilled up and I never had a down moment. There was even a moment I caught myself eating out of emotion and not because I was hungry. I caught it and stopped myself, but was super upset that even with months of hard work that habit must still be watched. The busy workload had me putting myself last again and running low on energy. Why is it that we as women, can take care of everyone around us, but not ourselves?! This is so frustrating to me! No wonder why most women struggle with their weight. 

This weeks goals: Keep a food journal, Do Step Aerobics (45 minutes workout), focus on abs and arms for 20 minutes and GO TO BED ON TIME! 

Some Exciting News

On Aug 26th 2007 I decided to create a blog. The blog became a gallery, a journal, and a creative outlet. Over this last month I've been thinking a lot about my blog and wanting to make it better. If you've been following my last year and half you will know that it's been a little slow and for good reason. I was working on my signature series book, had a miscarriage, moved to the HB, started a new company called Chickaniddy Crafts, and finally got serious about losing weight (the Fassy Journey. I post about it every Monday). Needless to say I'm feeling great and my life is finally almost balanced. This new Heidi that I've been working really hard on is ready to celebrate 7 years of blogging and so I have some really fun news.

In Early October I will be relaunching my site with a new look. I will start back up my $2.00 classes, post and share many new fun scrapbook challenges, share my daily life's tips and tricks, giveaways, videos, and so much more! I will also be opening up a shop linked to my site. I'm excited about this new journey and hope you will join in on the fun. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I have an instagram account. It can be found here. I post there every few day and it's a good way to keep an update on my Fassy Journey and Chickaniddy news. Here are a few of the photos I took this month. 

my 130th workout

my 130th workout

Darling gift basket by Amanda Coleman using Chickaniddy Crafts

Darling gift basket by Amanda Coleman using Chickaniddy Crafts

My Newest Scrapbook Collection called Scrumptious is here!

My Newest Scrapbook Collection called Scrumptious is here!

One of my favorite things

One of my favorite things

I colored my hair and finally got glasses

I colored my hair and finally got glasses

A portiate of me by Calvin. I LOVE IT!

A portiate of me by Calvin. I LOVE IT!

Family outing. Best day ever!

Family outing. Best day ever!

Walked 9 miles and had the most beautiful view.

Walked 9 miles and had the most beautiful view.

Oh and one last thing before I go. The Chickaniddy Craft Team all is almost over. If you haven't applied, I hope you do. We are always on the lookout for new talent and we have some excited new things in . To learn more about the call GO HERE. Best of luck everyone!