Fassy Journey: Week 3 & A Story

At the end of my last workouts for week 2 I was feeling good and decided to do a little cat stretch...

And it was at the very moment...  meOW! I popped my tailbone out of place! When I went to stand up I felt a SHARP pain, but I thought it would go away (being that I'm tough like that). When Monday came and I started my week 3 I pushed past the discomfort, thinking it would get better and by the end of my week 3 it was hurting so much that I had to make a trip to the chiropractor.

Despite the pain, I stuck to my goals and I am happy to announce that I lost weight again. Go ME! For this weeks weigh-in I am now at 292 lbs (down another 4.2 lbs).... giving me a total of -17 lbs lost in 3 weeks. With my tailbone still hurting it's hard to say that I'm feeling "great", but I can say that my jeans are looser.  

For this next week I am going to focus on going to bed on time at 10:30 pm. I have found that sleep is helping me make better food choices in the mornings and those good steps carry me throughout the day. I'm still going strong, haven't eaten ANY sugar and I have been much better about not eating too many carbs. This is with Easter and all the food and treats around non-stop. I even made sure to go for two walks after two family get togethers. Man... look at me getting all healthy and stuff!

Being that I wanted to lose 18 lbs this month, I've only got 1 lb more to go (which is great). This will allow me to be smart by taking it easy with the workouts and give my tailbone time to heal right.  Oh the DRAMA!

An Easter Banner

Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to do a quick craft project with the boys this spring break. So we pulled together these supplies and got to work.

This is such an easy project and the most important part is to gather some cute colorful papers. I cut 8 sheets of paper into different sized strips. I then had the boys help me cut out all the letters and they really enjoyed it. 

Once you have all the letters cut out, simply add glue and layer on the paper strips. Let dry for about 20 minutes (we used this time to eat lunch). Taking our scissors again, we cut off the extra strips and were left with darling letters.

IMG_3626 (Large).JPG

Punch 2 holes at the top of each letter and run a long piece of twine through them. So that our string didn't fray, we added an aglet (the plastic thing at the end of a shoelace) to the end of it. Just take a piece of tape and wrap it at the end. Once we had all the letters on, I had Bradley tie a hang knot at each end and we hung it up in their room. Just think how cute this could be for a birthday banner or 4th of July!

Week One is done - a real honest post

After I wrote last week's post I had a real heart to heart chat with Mr. Sonboul. I shared that I can't believe I've been above 250 lbs and trying to lose weight for over 7 years. Within that time span I have lost 30 lbs and put it back on again way too many times. I also shared that I hate being like this. This isn't me and yet I've allowed it for far too long. Listen don't get me wrong... I love life and I do love me, but I hate and have hated every day at this weight. 

Last Monday I started the week off with waking up  5:50, so I could workout at 6 am. It's been a while since I last worked out, so I was really sore and tired at the end of doing Zumba... but I did it! I also didn't eat any sweets and I didn't eat after 7 pm. I felt like a rockstar on day one and was hopeful that I could keep it going the whole week... then came Friday. That was a hard day, because I waited to long to eat and I had burned a lot of calories in the morning. I felt lightheaded and had to lay down for about an hour, which was a lesson learned! By Sunday I was feeling strong and even though I had thought about sugar EVERY SINGLE DAY... I didn't eat anything sweet. Good right?!

Today as I stepped on to the scale I didn't care about the number, because I knew that just not eating after 7 and not eating sweet was a reward enough. This is a really big deal for me! As I stood still on the scale and waited for the number to pop up... it said 301.5! Umm... that means I lost 7.5 lbs this week! What a great first week!

Here is the thing. I'm totally excited about the 7.5 lbs, but what I'm really worried about is making it past "-30 lbs". I always seem to stop at losing 30 lbs and then I gain it back. I've done this for 7 years. Anyone else have this issue??? What it really comes down to is that I start to make excuses and before I know it, I've slipped right back into old habits. If I keep this up, that means I should be hitting the -15 lbs mark around Easter. Oh ya know, the day that Chocolate is everywhere and in the form of a cute little bunny. WHAT A CRUEL JOKE! Come on Easter Bunny... cut us Fassy people a break! To help me not get caught up in this issue I see happening, I've marked my calendar that hangs next to the frig with positive words for that whole week. I WILL make sure that there is only enough sweet treats for the boys to eat that morning and no one else! After all, there is no need for them to have that much candy even if they are kids. Right?!

For this new week I have decided my goal will be to focus on why I am emotionally eating and why food is such a big deal to me. I know that it can come from stress, not wanting to miss out on a party, cravings and sometimes in down moments... boredom. Clearly It's time to evaluate every move and maybe I'll see where I'm going wrong with my food so that when Easter comes I won't feel left out of the milk chocolaty fun. 




Here We Go Again.

The post you are about to read is honesty at it's finest! 

When I'm stressed, I eat... it's that simple! Me being a silly girl, I decided it was a good idea to start a new company 8 months ago and let's just say that food has become my psychologist and goto when making decisions for Chickaniddy. Now that the company is growing fast and doing so well, I feel like I can finally take on the "stop emotionally eating" goal... again. Yep it's an ongoing battle for me friends and one of these days I'll master it or at least get close to mastering it.

I weighed myself in yesterday and 309 lbs showed up on the scale. I'm bummed, but not surprised. I have been feeling so sluggish and all of my clothes I bought for CHA were a size 22. Back in January I stood in the dressing room wanting to cry, being that I was putting on a size 22 and it fit like a glove. I wanting a change right then and there, but there was no time. When you are as busy as me and stress is coming through your every crack, it can be hard to put down the ice cream and chocolate. REALLY HARD!

Now I want to make something very clear. I love myself and I will love myself at any size! But this weight thing has been kicking my butt for way too long and I HATE IT! So I've decided baby steps are for me and could help me get back on track. This week I am only focusing on 3 goals: 

  1. Cut out sugar
  2. NO eating after dinner
  3. Workout and get moving M-F.

Why am I cutting out the sugar? I'm TOTALLY addicted to it! For the past 8 months I couldn't go a 1/2 day without eating something sweet and my gotos are always Ice Cream and Chocolate. Yum! I know myself and that I can't realistically handle eating them in a healthy way right now, so like a bad boyfriend they MUST go! Just writing these words makes me feel like I'm breaking up with my hot rebel boyfriend whom I LOVE. See??? It has to go!  

So what's my long term goal? To lose 50lbs by July. I figured from Winter CHA to Summer CHA... the next time I "almost cry" in the fitting room, it will be from tears of joy and getting far away from a size 22.  Being that I am pretty much the same weight as my last weight loss photo shoot, I'm going to rock these pics again. The Fassy (fat+sassy) girl in me is really ready for this change. Really ready! Plus with the weather warming up so early in our beach city, I would like to feel comfortable in a bathing suit by the end of summer.


I know that most people would never put this much info about themselves out there, but it's just who I am. I know that I'm not alone and maybe my story will help another. Again I love me and I just want to feel healthy AND to not have to buy a size 22 pant EVER AGAIN! Wish me luck with my 3 goals for this week. Heaven knows I will need it. 


So Unreal

I'm starting to think that every week is going to be a "long week". As my time was booked up with weeding through all the applications and packing up orders for Chickaniddy, I finally found myself for the first time alone in a quiet moment to think. I have been scrapbooking for 10 years and I have countless amounts of layouts bursting off a book shelf and out of a closet to prove it. Layouts decorated by darling collections created from other companies. Companies I've LOVED and still love!  Companies like American Crafts, My Minds Eye & Crate Paper. 

Heidi Sonboul Our Cute Little Weirdo (Medium).JPG

As I sat at my desk I noticed a layout I made for my booth and I eyes started to tear up. It's so unreal that I made this layout with products that I designed. Products I dreamed up and put together. It's so unreal to see kit clubs using the product I designed, to see stores and online shops who are carrying the collections, and talented friends designing their assignments with something I put my heart into. 

Heidi sonboul Our Cute Little Weirdo Close Up (Medium).JPG

I am so grateful for this quiet moment because it reminds me that I'm one lucky girl and I'm so happy I never gave up on my dream. 

I feel like I have my life back.

I guess you can say that I've been reallllly putting off blogging. I had really good reasons for it, but nonetheless I thought I would finally update here. So let's start with me deciding to start my own company.

With most of the work being done before CHA it really helped me focus on my vision when I walked into our empty booth space. It took us about 3 weeks to paint all the crates, build the walls and finish all the project/artwork. When it came to showtime, it was downright amazing! Both of the collections sold well and just about every buyer we hoped would come into our booth... did. Here is a sketch I did of the booth, and a picture of the whole thing finished:

11-22-13 (352) (Large).JPG
To see more pictures of the booth GO HERE

To see more pictures of the booth GO HERE

On the last day of CHA I was beat! Like really beat! So I pulled together what energy (which was a tiny amount) I had left and went to the Stacy Julian "Play! Event". The room was packed with such talented friends like Ali, Jen, Vikki, Layla, and so many more. When it was my turn to get on the stage I dragged Mr. Sonboul up on the stage with me to talk and share about Chickaniddy. I did a few giveaways and shook my bum to a song. It truly was a party!

Play Event Heidi Sonboul Chickaniddy Crafts.jpg

The day after CHA I decided to take it easy and I let the boys play hooky from school ( totally worth it). I missed them so much and just REALLY needed a down day with them. We watched movies, played with Legos and read books. It was a perfect day! 

Long story short... CHA was amazing! Everyone LOVED the crates, Mr. Sonboul and Brandon learned a whole lot about the scrappy world, and we felt so blessed for every order placed to carry our Chickaniddy goodies. You guys... I feel so LUCKY to be doing what I love! I can't wait to see how everyone uses Date Night and Twirly Girly. 

Oh and about those New Year's Goals, I feel like I can finally start them. Honestly there was no time at all to focus on a "healthy Life" or a clean home. In fact last weekend while feeling motivated to get organized in all areas of my life, I made a weekly chore chart. I thought I would start small and get my home cleaned up from CHA. Heaven knows it could use a LOT of TLC!

Chore Chart 2014 Heidi Sonboul.jpg

To download this FREE printable chore chart, simply click HERE


2014 Goals

I'm not going to lie. This was a rough year for me and I'm a little happy to see 2013 come and go. I learned so much about myself and what I can handle. I also learned that the trials that were placed on my shoulders were more bearable with the help and love received from Mr. Sonboul, Bradley, Calvin, Mom, Dad, Sisters, and my close BFF's. They made those mountains seem like hills. 

As I sit here thinking about my new goals for 2014, I am feeling a rush of enthusiasm and ready for a "new fresh untouched" 12 months of opportunity. I can't wait to fill them with new stories, less drama and giggles. It sounds so heavenly. I can't wait to see where Chickaniddy will go and to focus on getting healthy again. 

Just for fun I linked my past goals and it was fun to see the things I've accomplished and where I still have room to grow. 

2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 

2014 new years goals.jpg