Fassy Journey: Week 17

I still can't believe that I met my first goal to lose 50 lbs and am now onto the next. It's amazing what can come when using willpower and sticking strong to a goal. Today when I stepped onto the scale I was happy to see that I accomplished this month's goal and lost a total of 10.6 lbs! That means that I weighed in at 255.1 and lost 3.7 lbs for week 17! 

As of right now I feel beyond shocked knowing that once a upon a time a size 24 fit perfectly on me. On Sunday I decided to try on my old pants, which were so baggy and falling off of me. See what I mean?! So Baggy and it's crazy knowing that I wore them just 4 months ago!

Next week I will share my new goals for the next 5 months and how I will be mixing up my workout plans. Got to keep it fresh, so it stays fun! 

So for now... goodbye size 24W and Hello comfy 18!

My baby is 8!

It's amazing how fast hew grew up!


IMG_6799 (Large).JPG


  1. You make the cutest silly faces
  2. You are packed with personality!
  3. When you decided to do something, you won't let anything stand in your way.
  4. Your perfectionist side, because it's just like me.
  5. How loud you are :) Again... just like me.
  6. How loyal you are to me and always want to protect my feelings.
  7. You are amazingly creative and have tons of good ideas, all the time!
  8. You know what you want and have always known what you want out of life.... from the moment you were born and I LOVE this about you! 

Fassy Journey: Week 16

I DID IT! I reached my goal weight! I know I just blurted it out and I wanted to sound a little cooler about it, but there. I said it! I just weighed in and the scale said I'm now at 258.7! That means I lost another 2 lbs AND I've lost a total of 50.2 lbs. The best part is that I did it in 3 1/2 months and not in the 5 months I thought it would take me. 

To remind myself what it felt like to have 50 lbs on me, I took a trip over the weekend to the store and did my best to carry 5 bags of 10 lb potatoes. Oh my gosh you guys... they were so heavy!!!! HOW IN THE WORLD did I allow myself to have this on me for so many years?! Again I know being 258 lbs would scare most, but this is a fassy girl's dream come true! Knowing that I'm 10 lbs under the weight I delivered Calvin at feels so wonderful! 

With my goal met, I'm ready to take on the next. My new goal is to lose 50 lbs from Aug-Dec. If I were to do this, it would put me down to 209 lbs and I think that would put me in a size 14? Oh I would cry! Each month I will focus on a monthly goal of losing 10 lbs (just like from before) and so that I don't plateau in my workouts, I'm going to step it up and challenge myself again. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do yet but I'll figure that out over this next 2 weeks. 

THANKS SO MUCH to Mr. Sonboul, my boys, and my family for loving me and supporting me throughout this whole process. When I gave up sugar I almost killed them all and I'm grateful with how understanding they were. At family dinners my sister would put out a plate of fruit, so I didn't feel left out at dessert time and it meant ever so much to me. I'm also so proud of all of those who have sent me messages and comments saying that you are working on your own health again. I knew sharing my story would be a risky move to put my weight number out there, but I thought "maybe my journey and honesty would help another". Keep up the good work friends and get healthy for you and your loved ones. It feel so amazing to believe in me and if I can do it... so can you! 

Oh and just for fun....

My New Collection Called Jolly Good

Jolly Good Logo Chickaniddy Crafts (Large)

Here's a little "Heidi Secret".  When I first started this collection I was having a hard time getting into it, so I decided to play a Christmas song or two and in that very moment the magic started to flow. So many ideas popped into my head and everything fell into place. It's amazing how Christmas music can bring such joy to me and people all around the world. I love Jolly Good so much and it's probably the happiest collection I've made to date. Its theme covers Christmas, winter weather, New Year's Eve. holiday shopping, family fun and dancing in the rain. Basically all the things we love about winter, with a bright and happy color combo. There are even a few things that hint to puckering up under the mistletoe. Ooh la la!

Now take a peek and don't forget to enter into the giveaway. Just leave a comment and we'll take care of the rest.



Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-02A-Sugar-Cookies Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-02B-Sugar-Cookies


Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-05A-Holly-Jolly Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-05B-Holly-Jolly

Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-06A-Deck-The-Halls Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-06B-Deck-The-Halls


Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-07B-Making-Spirits-Bright Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-08A-Holiday Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-08B-Holiday Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-09A-Snow-Play Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-09B-Snow-Play Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-10A-Rainy-Day Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-10B-Rainy-Day Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-11A-Tis-The-Season Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-11B-Tis-The-Season Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-12A-Happy-New-Year Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-12B-Happy-New-YearJolly-Good-12x12-Collection-Pack-CoverJolly-Good-12x12-Sticker-SheetJolly-Good-Alpha-Stickers Jolly-Good-Journal-Tags

Jolly-Good-Mini-Brads Jolly-Good-Enamel-Stars

Jolly-Good-Banners Jolly-Good-Sentiments Jolly-Good-Tags

Jolly-Good-Die-Cut-Tags-in-Package Jolly-Good-Die-Cut-Tags

Jolly-Good-Clear-Alpha-Stamps Jolly-Good-Clear-Illustration-Stamps

My New Collection Called Scrumptious & A Giveaway


I'm so happy this day is finally here and I can share with you my newest collection. I'd like to introduce to you the Scrumptious collection. It's an everyday Fall collection that celebrates fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the everyday family life. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the full Jolly Good Collection.




Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-03A-Pumpkin-Spice Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-03B-Pumpkin-Spice Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-04A-Back-To-School Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-04B-Back-To-School

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-05A-Hay-Ride Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-05B-Hay-Ride Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-06A-Autumn-Haze Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-06B-Autumn-Haze

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-07A-Nutmeg Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-07B-Nutmeg Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-08A-Friends-and-Family Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-08B-Friends-and-Family

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-09A-Check-Please Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-09B-Check-Please Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-10A-New-Harvest Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-10B-New-Harvest Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-11A-Frolic-In-The-Leaves

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-11B-Frolic-In-The-Leaves Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-12A-Corn-On-The-Cob Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-12B-Corn-On-The-Cob



Scrumptious-Alpha-Stickers Scrumptious-Journal-Tags Scrumptious-Mini-Brads Scrumptious-Enamel-Stars

Scrumptious-Banners Scrumptious-Tags Scrumptious-SentimentsScrumptious-Die-Cut-TagsScrumptious-Die-Cut-Tags-All

Scrumptious-Clear-Illustration-Stamps Scrumptious-Clear-Alpha-Stamps

Leave a comment and you could win this brand new collection before it's in stores.


Fassy Journey: Week 15

Today is a GOOD day for weighing in. As I stepped onto the scale it said I am now down to 260.7 lbs! That means that I lost 5 lbs this week and I am now down 48.3 lbs. I could just die from excitement that I'm only 1.7 lbs away from my 50 lb weight loss goal!

The other day it was perfect weather outside and everyone in Cali were heading to the beach. I told Mr. Sonboul "Man, with all this weight I've lost I feel so skinny! I feel like I'm ready to put on a swimsuit and tan on the sand"... and then I said "better not though, being that I'm still heavy at 260 something" lol!  I know I still weigh so much, but I feel amazing AND skinny! sure 260.7 is totally Fassy to the world, but going from 309 to 260.7 makes me feel like I'm a whole new person. So for now, I will hold off on the swimsuit and put it on my todo list for Aug ;)

Let's talk about exercise. I've read so many books, have worked out to so many different types of DVDs, have taken so many different exercise classes and so I feel like I know a lot about this subject. For me personally I love to sweat when I workout, which means I look for high/intense calorie burning cardio workouts, and avoid yoga. I know so many love yoga, but I just find it boring! I want to dance and move my body, so I often look for cardio classes. I have never liked the stop and go, so cross fit wasn't for me either. I adore Zumba, all Kathy Smith DVDs, Cycle classes, step aerobics, running, and all the Wii dance games.

So here's what I suggest. Try something and if it's not fun, look for something else. You should like the workouts you are doing and they should be fun. Sure you want to feel the burn, but it should be fun! One of my other favorites exercies is speed walking with friends. You can talk out all your frustrations about kids and hubbies and burn calories at the same time. It's a great workout to clear the mind and fat away. I also love and have made it more of a goal to play outside with my boys. We have been going on family bike rides every weekend, playing handball, basketball, and so much more. The other morning Bradley went with me on my speed walk and it was a blast. We walked down to the beach and had a funny game going, trying to out walk each other. Turns out my abs got a workout too, because we were laughing so much.

Whatever you pick. Love it and enjoy it! Doing that will allow the weight to come off faster and it won't feel so torturous.  I can't wait to hear what you love and what works for you. So please do share in the comment section. I'm always on the lookout for new workouts.

Hello New Collection - Summer 2014 Sneaks

There are times when I have so many creative thoughts running around in my head and this is one of them. It might be because today is the day I can finally share big sneaks of my 2 newest collections for Chickaniddy Crafts. The start to finish process has a lot of details that fall in between, but I love it all. Picking the colors, deciding the themes, drawing and dreaming up new ideas. I know I've said it before, but I still can't believe that I have my own scrapbook company and it might be that I never truly believe it. It just makes me feel cool (even though people outside of the scrapbook world don't get it) and for sure over the moon happy. 

I'm sure you've viewed the images before reading (since I would do the same). So now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little about these new additions.

Scrumptious is an everyday fall collection that celebrates school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and family home life. I am sure I'm not the only one in love with fall and it just seemed like a good idea for a theme. It's whimsical and happy, just the way I love my scrapbook goodies! Yep, there is even a smarty cat with glasses. After all... why not?

Then there is Jolly Good. OH how I love this collection! It's funny because I said I would never do a Christmas Collection and here I am. I guess it's because I never really loved green and red together and thought it had been done a million and one times. So when I found a charming color combo,  It all started to fall into place, and listening to Christmas music while I worked totally helped! Jolly Good is an everyday collection, but celebrates Christmas, New Years, and winter's wonderful weather. A sassy reindeer, rain drops, snow flakes, a friendly Santa, and holiday shopping just makes me smile.  

I can't wait to hear what you think and be sure to visit Chickaniddy's Blog on July 18th for the reveal of Scrumptious and July 23rd for the reveal of Jolly Good. One last thing... mark your calendars for our open Craft Team Call on July 25th.