A Count Down To The True Meaning Of Easter

I've been reflecting a lot on this coming Easter holiday and how I can make it's focus on the true meaning. Not wanting to be critical of friends and family members, but last year I was kinda shocked by the gifts kids were getting as if it were Christmas. Don't get me wrong... I love surprising my kids with awesome toys and gifts too! I just feel that we are getting so far away from the true meaning of it. Last night for Family Home Evening we had a lesson about Easter and we set a goal as a family to take 5-10 minutes each night in an activity to remember the Savior. Almost like a count down to Easter smile emoticonI'm so excited about this and I have some really fun things planned that will help our family remember the true meaning of this coming holiday and all that the Savior did for us. Yes, the Easter bunny will still be visiting our home, but on Saturday and not Easter morning. I hope you all take a moment to reflect on this subject and enjoy the true meaning of Easter.

You don't have to do every day, because I know that can be a lot for some. I will however point out that the days build upon the theme of Easter. Take a look and use what works for you. Happy Easter and Spring!


Here is the link to the online Friend Magazine if you do not have a copy at home. Simply click the link and turn to the page for the day I mention: 


March 1st: 

Page 2 of the Friend Magazine - Palm Sunday by : President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

March 2nd: 

The friend Magazine - Go to page 24 and do activity Week 1: Make a palm leaf and read Matthew 21:1 & 6-11  

March 3rd:

Teach them about the Atonement Activity link:


March 4th:

Printable Coloring Sheet link:


March 5th:

Serve as Jesus did and do one service for EACH of your family members on this day. It can be as simple as making someones bed  or writing a kind note for them. 

March 6th: 

The Friend Magazine Page 25 and do activity Week 2: Read Luke 22: 1, 14, 19-20 and Activity

March 7th: 

A cute coloring number sheet from the Friend - found on page 21, click on the print icon, check only the coloring page with a green check mark, and start to print. Color as a family and have each person pick 1 - 2 colors they will focus on coloring.

March 8th:

Read Easter Foot Steps and talk about the Saviors last week of live. Print and follow numbers 1-6:


March 9th:

Share and Discuss This Photo:

Why Do we focus more on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not him dying on the cross as member of the church?


Q&A's About the subject:


March 10th:

Teaching about the resurrection Activity link: 


March 11th:

Discuss what it means "I'm trying to be like Jesus". Read the words to the song, then play and sing the song:


March 12th:

Spring hunt. This is a fun opperunity to visit the park and talk about life around us. Jesus give us such a beautiful gift and seeing nature thriving with a spring hunt is the perfect family day out without spending any money. You can even pack a picnic for fun!



March 13th:

The Friend Magazine Page 25 and do activity Week 3: Read Luke 22: 47-51; Luke 23: 33-34 ; John 19:25-27 and do the activity

March 14th:

Share your testimonies about Jesus Christ

March 15th:

Discuss The First Sacrament and what it means - Video 49

Watch Video linked here:


March 16th:

Discuss Jesus and the pain He felt for our sins - Video 51

Watch Video linked here:


March 17th:

Discuss Jesus being crucified - Video 53

Watch Video Linked Here:


March 18th:

Discuss Jesus is Risen - Video 54

Watch Video Linked Here:


March 19th:

Color Easter Eggs and discuss why we color Easter Eggs:

Many years ago eggs were colored red to represent the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for our sins. Today we use all the colors of the rainbow to remember spring, the new life that spring brings us and the gift of the Atonement. 

March 20th:

Today is the first day of Spring

Read - Easter Time Poem and talk about spring and how the season has come:


March 21st:

Easter Egg's link to activity:


March 22nd:

Read Story: A Gift From Heavenly Father (link)


March 23rd:

What is the meaning of the Easter Bunny Printable:


March 24th:

The Friend Magazine Page 25 and do activity Week 4: Do the activity using your Easter Bag you made on Week 3 activity (March 13th)

March 25th:

Napkin Rings / Easter Dinner with Story. Link to Activity and printable:


March 26th:

Watch this beautiful LDS Video on the resurrection as a family and talk about it:


March 27th:

Try to leave for church on time to enjoy this day at church with family, focusing on the sacrament. Celebrate knowing that this day was given to you as a gift and hug your loved ones. Happy Easter!

I Forgot To Be Awesome & A Goodbye For A Year

Hey Friends.

It's late and a thought came to me while surfing a few favorite bloggers. Somewhere along the line I forgot to be awesome. I'm sure that comes off a little vain, but it's the truth. Who I was at 18 was wild and free. I jumped into anything creative, fun, daring and never thought twice. I'm sure motherhood, worrying what others thought,  bills, and climbing the scrapbook world ladder (it's a real thing) over time are what did me in and that makes me sad. I kinda can't help but think "Where did the fun Heidi go?". I won't say that I'm lost, because I know who I am and I love me. It's that I feel burnt out. I still crave to be creative and I have so many ideas, but never allow myself time to indulge in them. I still love life, but often worry and allow stress to wipe away that amazingly fun 18 year old. 

Sure we should all grow up, but does that mean we have to give up who we are to the core? because I'm a dork and always gravitate towards the sunshine. I'm sick of worrying I've done something wrong and stressing over the smallest things. I miss just having fun and breathing in the beautiful moments life gives me daily. I am so darn blessed. I adore my Mr. Sonboul. I have the biggest crushes on my boys and now with a daughter on the way, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

So here's the thing. I have been terrible at blogging, crafting, DIYing, pulling out my camera, having too much fun and just being the real Heidi. Sure I look cute and fun at CHA, but let me be honest and say... Girl, that's been an act! What I mean is, the "now and present Heidi" wears yoga pants all day with no makeup and hair in a bun. YES! I'm even burnt out on fashion and taking care of me. 

I want to keep it real and that means I really need a timeout. I miss being creative and just being fun. I'm not running away from life, but I'm going back to the basics and putting life first. With all these ideas flowing in my head I have decided to take a LONG break from the blogging and scrapbook world. When I come back (in maybe 6 months to a year) I'm hoping to be "me" again, because I miss being awesome.  I have a list of things I want to do and I am finally allowing myself time to do them and it's about time! So until we meet again, THANK YOU ALL for being so supportive in every thing I've done online. My heart is truly full. 


A baby on the way

Last Thursday I shared some big news that I'm expecting again and to be honest I was really nervous to share the news. My level of excitement is over the moon, but getting here wasn't easy. If you remember back in march 2013 I had a terrible miscarriage that broke my family’s hearts. It took us a long time to get pregnant and then at 2 months and 4 days the babies heart stopped and instead of turning to anger, I turned to faith and evaluated everything in our lives.

I took a long break to heal and to find me, which was amazing. I realized things that I thought were important just didn't matter anymore and I started to value the bigger picture.  I took a breath and day by day found my inner peace, which allowed me to help heal our family. Once you experience a miscarriage it has you on edge. If it happens once, it could happen again. My soul still longs for that baby we lost and the fear of it happening again is so near to my heart.

Right before CHA I had my first doctors appointment and I LOVE my new doctor! She is so darling and said "I see that your last pregnancy was a miscarriage. I am going to do everything I can to help you carry this baby to full term, but our first goal is to get you past the 10 week mark”  (which is when I last miscarried). 

At my 3 month checkup I was filled with joy knowing that I was at 12 weeks. It's amazing how priceless hearing that heartbeat was to me. I do believe that this baby will be okay and we all love it so. Yes I've been sick like a dog and I've lost 12lbs. Yes I'm totally tired all the time and all I want to do is sleep. Yes it's weird having Mr. Sonboul and my boys watching my every move, but in a way I love it. I've never felt so pampered and cared for. No one lets me pick anything up and it's as if I'm preggo in the 1800's lol! And because I'm obsessed with goals...

Here are my goals:

  1. Make it to 6 months first
  2.  Make it to full term 
  3. Try not to gain back everything I lost. 
  4.  Find out what it is at 18 weeks
  5.  take it easy. 

Before I go, I wanted to thank everyone for all the sweet comments and joy sent our way. Your friendships mean so much to me and I will be forever grateful! Thanks for being so amazing to me


PS next week I'll share pics and other due date info :)


Happy Birthday To Me!

This post is a little over due but thought it's never too late.

I started my birthday off to breakfast in bed, thanks to Mr. Sonboul, Bradley, and Calvin. Fresh fruit, a bagel with cream cheese, and yogurt was the perfect healthy start to my day. With every bite I took I had Calvin waiting for me to say I was finished so he could take over the meal. It's funny how much he LOVES melon. 

To be completely honest, the day before my birthday (10/30) I was feeling down. Mr. Sonboul had to work on my birthday. We got a flat tire at the end of the night and Calvin started to get sick. The funny thing is that for the past 6-7 years I've had someone get sick or had something happen to the car, on the day before my birthday or on my actual birthday. I'm not trying to be a complainer, but dang... it's almost like a birthday curse! Mr.Sonboul was so sweet and took off the day to get the tire fixed (so I didn't have to) and stayed up with Calvin on Halloween night when he wasn't feeling well (it was kinda weird getting sleep and not helping out with a sick kid, but heck I'm no sucker and tookhim up on his offer). 

As of now I'm officially 33 and it's amazing how much older I feel. Like really... I feel old this year. I know I'm not really, but I feel that I am. So I got to thinking about this new year and what I wanted to do with myself and this is what I came up with:

  1. Get back into crafting
  2. Bake more
  3. Redo my blog
  4. Sew more
  5. Play outside more
  6. Stress less
  7. Kiss more
  8. Date more (Mr. Sonboul ;)
  9. Make it to 1 year of no sugar (almost there. 3/2015)
  10. Get down to 200 lbs
  11. Be better at taking time for me
  12. Stop being frumpy on the weekdays
  13. Get back into photography
  14. Try to listen to a LDS General Conference talk daily
  15. Read a book
  16. Decorate our home for all the holidays
  17. Organize everything around me (Garage, house, schedule)
  18. Paint something and hang it in our home
  19. Keep our car clean
  20. Spend more time with family
  21. Do a weekly service project for another
  22. Be positive
  23. Travel more
  24. Take Daily walks
  25. Do all of my yearly doctor checkups
  26. Throw more parties
  27. Be on time to church
  28. Be kinder
  29. Watch all of my favorite movies
  30. Stop procrastinating
  31. Go to bed on time
  32. Have a girls night out once a month
  33. Take better care of my skin

My Heart & Soul

This summer has been so busy and at the same time filled with laughs and new memories. As our little family was winding down the season, Mr. Sonboul has noticed I kept saying "This is our last summer swim, so let's soak it up" or "This is our last summer beach day, so let's really enjoy it", only to find out that the next day we decided to visit the beach one more time before school comes-a-calling. I feel like summer flew by this year and from what I hear, it's a sign of getting older. With 33 getting ready to knock on my door this October, that must be why. 

Hands down, this last few months has been a balancing act of being a magical mama, who keeps a clean home, and a working woman who builds a new company. I feel like my secret to make it all work is that I've poured my heart and soul into everything I touch and somehow it all worked out. Somehow I made the time for business calls and fed lunch to the boys. Somehow I designed a few new papers, while kicking Calvin's butt at the Mario bros game.

I am grateful for this passing summer! I'm sad to see it go and yet at the same time excited to welcome fall. Funny how that works. Fingers crossed that I can pull off being a school room mom and working mom again. Hope you enjoy these pics of the boys. This year they will be in 5th and 2nd grade.     

Some Exciting News

On Aug 26th 2007 I decided to create a blog. The blog became a gallery, a journal, and a creative outlet. Over this last month I've been thinking a lot about my blog and wanting to make it better. If you've been following my last year and half you will know that it's been a little slow and for good reason. I was working on my signature series book, had a miscarriage, moved to the HB, started a new company called Chickaniddy Crafts, and finally got serious about losing weight (the Fassy Journey. I post about it every Monday). Needless to say I'm feeling great and my life is finally almost balanced. This new Heidi that I've been working really hard on is ready to celebrate 7 years of blogging and so I have some really fun news.

In Early October I will be relaunching my site with a new look. I will start back up my $2.00 classes, post and share many new fun scrapbook challenges, share my daily life's tips and tricks, giveaways, videos, and so much more! I will also be opening up a shop linked to my site. I'm excited about this new journey and hope you will join in on the fun. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I have an instagram account. It can be found here. I post there every few day and it's a good way to keep an update on my Fassy Journey and Chickaniddy news. Here are a few of the photos I took this month. 

my 130th workout

my 130th workout

Darling gift basket by Amanda Coleman using Chickaniddy Crafts

Darling gift basket by Amanda Coleman using Chickaniddy Crafts

My Newest Scrapbook Collection called Scrumptious is here!

My Newest Scrapbook Collection called Scrumptious is here!

One of my favorite things

One of my favorite things

I colored my hair and finally got glasses

I colored my hair and finally got glasses

A portiate of me by Calvin. I LOVE IT!

A portiate of me by Calvin. I LOVE IT!

Family outing. Best day ever!

Family outing. Best day ever!

Walked 9 miles and had the most beautiful view.

Walked 9 miles and had the most beautiful view.

Oh and one last thing before I go. The Chickaniddy Craft Team all is almost over. If you haven't applied, I hope you do. We are always on the lookout for new talent and we have some excited new things in . To learn more about the call GO HERE. Best of luck everyone!


Birthday Bash For Boys!

My kids kinda LOVE LEGOs! I get it... colorful little blocks that come together with imagination to make something amazing! Yes and yes! With this past school year coming to an end and their birthdays being so close, I convinced the boys they should combine their parties this year. Plus they both wanted the same theme and it just made sense. We came to this decision on a Saturday night over dinner and set a party date for the very next Saturday. We made the cutest invites (thanks to this blogger ) and handed them all out the next day. With such short notice I thought we might not get a good turnout. Boy was I wrong! Just about every kid RSVP’d and that meant we would have 26 kids in our apt! I better get the "Mom of the year award" for all this effort.

I'm pretty sure our amazing turnout was because we got a hold of the LEGO Movie before it’s release on DVD and the theme was pretty darn fun! Each kid got a LEGO movie ticket (image above) and theater money for snacks. When they showed up, Bradley and Calvin would punch their tickets and help them buy their movie snacks. The kids LOVED being able to buy what they wanted and our boys loved taking the money and handing out the treats. It was so much fun! I also can't forget to mention that my Mom and Dad came and made homemade popcorn and hot dogs. All of the kids were stuffed and we hardly spent any money.

IMG_4362 (Large).JPG

Somehow, magically, all the kids fit and everyone had a great time. When it came time for candles and wishes, I kept it simple and made these cupcakes. Each cupcake had a white chocolate LEGO guy (white as in type of chocolate, not as in color) that spelled out "Happy Birthday Bradley & Calvin". Hands down this was the fastest party I've ever put together and hands down the coolest!