Birthday Bash For Boys!

My kids kinda LOVE LEGOs! I get it... colorful little blocks that come together with imagination to make something amazing! Yes and yes! With this past school year coming to an end and their birthdays being so close, I convinced the boys they should combine their parties this year. Plus they both wanted the same theme and it just made sense. We came to this decision on a Saturday night over dinner and set a party date for the very next Saturday. We made the cutest invites (thanks to this blogger ) and handed them all out the next day. With such short notice I thought we might not get a good turnout. Boy was I wrong! Just about every kid RSVP’d and that meant we would have 26 kids in our apt! I better get the "Mom of the year award" for all this effort.

I'm pretty sure our amazing turnout was because we got a hold of the LEGO Movie before it’s release on DVD and the theme was pretty darn fun! Each kid got a LEGO movie ticket (image above) and theater money for snacks. When they showed up, Bradley and Calvin would punch their tickets and help them buy their movie snacks. The kids LOVED being able to buy what they wanted and our boys loved taking the money and handing out the treats. It was so much fun! I also can't forget to mention that my Mom and Dad came and made homemade popcorn and hot dogs. All of the kids were stuffed and we hardly spent any money.

IMG_4362 (Large).JPG

Somehow, magically, all the kids fit and everyone had a great time. When it came time for candles and wishes, I kept it simple and made these cupcakes. Each cupcake had a white chocolate LEGO guy (white as in type of chocolate, not as in color) that spelled out "Happy Birthday Bradley & Calvin". Hands down this was the fastest party I've ever put together and hands down the coolest!