My Heart & Soul

This summer has been so busy and at the same time filled with laughs and new memories. As our little family was winding down the season, Mr. Sonboul has noticed I kept saying "This is our last summer swim, so let's soak it up" or "This is our last summer beach day, so let's really enjoy it", only to find out that the next day we decided to visit the beach one more time before school comes-a-calling. I feel like summer flew by this year and from what I hear, it's a sign of getting older. With 33 getting ready to knock on my door this October, that must be why. 

Hands down, this last few months has been a balancing act of being a magical mama, who keeps a clean home, and a working woman who builds a new company. I feel like my secret to make it all work is that I've poured my heart and soul into everything I touch and somehow it all worked out. Somehow I made the time for business calls and fed lunch to the boys. Somehow I designed a few new papers, while kicking Calvin's butt at the Mario bros game.

I am grateful for this passing summer! I'm sad to see it go and yet at the same time excited to welcome fall. Funny how that works. Fingers crossed that I can pull off being a school room mom and working mom again. Hope you enjoy these pics of the boys. This year they will be in 5th and 2nd grade.