A Count Down To The True Meaning Of Easter

I've been reflecting a lot on this coming Easter holiday and how I can make it's focus on the true meaning. Not wanting to be critical of friends and family members, but last year I was kinda shocked by the gifts kids were getting as if it were Christmas. Don't get me wrong... I love surprising my kids with awesome toys and gifts too! I just feel that we are getting so far away from the true meaning of it. Last night for Family Home Evening we had a lesson about Easter and we set a goal as a family to take 5-10 minutes each night in an activity to remember the Savior. Almost like a count down to Easter smile emoticonI'm so excited about this and I have some really fun things planned that will help our family remember the true meaning of this coming holiday and all that the Savior did for us. Yes, the Easter bunny will still be visiting our home, but on Saturday and not Easter morning. I hope you all take a moment to reflect on this subject and enjoy the true meaning of Easter.

You don't have to do every day, because I know that can be a lot for some. I will however point out that the days build upon the theme of Easter. Take a look and use what works for you. Happy Easter and Spring!


Here is the link to the online Friend Magazine if you do not have a copy at home. Simply click the link and turn to the page for the day I mention: 


March 1st: 

Page 2 of the Friend Magazine - Palm Sunday by : President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

March 2nd: 

The friend Magazine - Go to page 24 and do activity Week 1: Make a palm leaf and read Matthew 21:1 & 6-11  

March 3rd:

Teach them about the Atonement Activity link:


March 4th:

Printable Coloring Sheet link:


March 5th:

Serve as Jesus did and do one service for EACH of your family members on this day. It can be as simple as making someones bed  or writing a kind note for them. 

March 6th: 

The Friend Magazine Page 25 and do activity Week 2: Read Luke 22: 1, 14, 19-20 and Activity

March 7th: 

A cute coloring number sheet from the Friend - found on page 21, click on the print icon, check only the coloring page with a green check mark, and start to print. Color as a family and have each person pick 1 - 2 colors they will focus on coloring.

March 8th:

Read Easter Foot Steps and talk about the Saviors last week of live. Print and follow numbers 1-6:


March 9th:

Share and Discuss This Photo:

Why Do we focus more on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not him dying on the cross as member of the church?


Q&A's About the subject:


March 10th:

Teaching about the resurrection Activity link: 


March 11th:

Discuss what it means "I'm trying to be like Jesus". Read the words to the song, then play and sing the song:


March 12th:

Spring hunt. This is a fun opperunity to visit the park and talk about life around us. Jesus give us such a beautiful gift and seeing nature thriving with a spring hunt is the perfect family day out without spending any money. You can even pack a picnic for fun!



March 13th:

The Friend Magazine Page 25 and do activity Week 3: Read Luke 22: 47-51; Luke 23: 33-34 ; John 19:25-27 and do the activity

March 14th:

Share your testimonies about Jesus Christ

March 15th:

Discuss The First Sacrament and what it means - Video 49

Watch Video linked here:


March 16th:

Discuss Jesus and the pain He felt for our sins - Video 51

Watch Video linked here:


March 17th:

Discuss Jesus being crucified - Video 53

Watch Video Linked Here:


March 18th:

Discuss Jesus is Risen - Video 54

Watch Video Linked Here:


March 19th:

Color Easter Eggs and discuss why we color Easter Eggs:

Many years ago eggs were colored red to represent the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for our sins. Today we use all the colors of the rainbow to remember spring, the new life that spring brings us and the gift of the Atonement. 

March 20th:

Today is the first day of Spring

Read - Easter Time Poem and talk about spring and how the season has come:


March 21st:

Easter Egg's link to activity:


March 22nd:

Read Story: A Gift From Heavenly Father (link)


March 23rd:

What is the meaning of the Easter Bunny Printable:


March 24th:

The Friend Magazine Page 25 and do activity Week 4: Do the activity using your Easter Bag you made on Week 3 activity (March 13th)

March 25th:

Napkin Rings / Easter Dinner with Story. Link to Activity and printable:


March 26th:

Watch this beautiful LDS Video on the resurrection as a family and talk about it:


March 27th:

Try to leave for church on time to enjoy this day at church with family, focusing on the sacrament. Celebrate knowing that this day was given to you as a gift and hug your loved ones. Happy Easter!