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For years I've been worried about posting full body shots on my blog and on FB. The facts are, motherhood and stress have filled me out in the middle and then some. Yes... I'm still working on my weight loss journey and I long to put on a size 10 again, but why should I hide who I am right now?

I often do my headshots from the chest up, but never any full body shots and I know I'm not the only one out there who does this! I have gone to CHA for 6 years in a row. Every time I go and meet someone new, I think "Oh she looks NOTHING like her avatar". This might be a little harsh, but it's the truth and I'm positive others have thought it about me. Even though the scrapbook world is a WOMEN'S industry, we hide our weight from each other and those "long time online friends" are just as heavy. We feel the need to make comments about ourselves when meeting face to face, almost apologizing for not sharing our real size. It's Crazy! I'm not calling out all my fassy sistas, but I am going to personally put a stop to it on my end (no pun intended. haha).

Maybe it's the "Aleida Challenge" helping me grow inside or maybe it's me wanting a change. I just know that I want to be me and I am REALLY HAPPY being me. I am a Chubby mama who gives the best hugs and loves anyone who needs me. I dress darling for my size and I enjoy fashion. So moving forward I am taking a stand. I will no longer crop out my chubby arms or thighs.

The Me Challenge:

Each month I will do a small photo shoot and post the photos here. It is to encourage me (and you) to embrace "me(you)" and to take a moment out of each month to feel good. This is to be a fun challenge and nothing more. Plus the benefits is that my family will have nicer pictures of me. At the beginning of each month I will post the new photos here in a gallery and I hope you will play along. I totally believe it's important to doccument you, so your children will remember what you looked like throughout the year... good or bad. haha   

The Family Challenge:

I am also challenging myself to have a family photo taken each month. This is again inspired by the Aleida Challenge :)

MAY 2013